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Our Campus

A Place to Thrive

At Sacré Cœur we offer accessible, agile and innovative learning environments in which our students and staff can flourish in and out of the classroom. Our single-campus schooling experience enables us to map out learning from Prep to Year 12, with innovative learning environments and extensive co-curricular facilities, including a gym, lecture theatre, tennis courts, science and state-of-the-art robotics labs and creative arts facilities.

Brynmawr Music School

Music ignites the soul, and as such, is an intrinsic part of life at Sacré Cœur. We deliver both traditional and contemporary music programs as part of a holistic approach to education. From orchestras and choir to concert bands and vocals, our suite of ensemble programs allows students at all levels of schooling to express and showcase their talents.


Our proud heritage building houses three chapels, with the main chapel it’s centre. Opened in the early 1900’s, its location embodies the centrality of faith for our community. The chapel’s inviting sacred ambiance is created by its high ceiling and antique furnishings from our French sister schools.

Learning Enhancement Centre

Our Learning Enhancement Centre is designed to stimulate and excite learners, thinkers, strivers and dreamers. With the aim to facilitate greater learning opportunities and ensure the curriculum is accessible by all, it caters for both highly competent students as well as students with specific learning support needs.

2019 and beyond

As we build on a wealth of tradition, we also embrace innovation. To cultivate the future leaders of tomorrow, our young women need an innovative environment that inspires them to dream big.

As such, our strategic plan for 2019-2022 includes a landmark infrastructure Master Plan with the development of a new state-of-the-art Resource, Science, Technology and Creative Arts Building. This advanced new learning facility will be the beating heart of our campus, providing innovative and flexible learning spaces in an environmentally sustainable setting.