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Sacré Cœur Netball Club

The Sacré Cœur Netball Club (SCNC) provides a fun and supportive environment for girls at the School to play netball. It is also a fantastic way to meet other parents as you cheer on your daughters. Formed and run by our dedicated parents, it is a key community group within Sacré Cœur.

SCNC began in 2011 and is affiliated with the Waverley District Netball Association (WDNA).  Teams compete on Saturday at the outdoor netball courts situated at the corner of Cassinia Avenue and Farmer Street, Ashwood.  There is a Winter season (March to August) and a Spring season (September to December) with breaks for term and public holidays.

The Club welcome players who are current or former students of the School. If you are alumnae, you must have attended Sacré Cœur for at least one year to be eligible.

For more information, please contact the Club President.

New Players

The Club welcomes new players across all age groups, with teams from Year 4 to 12, as well as alumnae.

Netball encourages teamwork, friendships and participation in sport. It is a sport that girls often continue to play into their adult years, often with friends they made in their very first teams. It is also a great way for students and parents to form new friendships and connections. Whether you are new to the School or a current community member, you are warmly invited to join and become part of this active and friendly group.

Donations and Sponsorship

As a non-profit community club, sponsorship and donations are welcomed. With over 150 girls playing for the club it is a great way to promote your business or support a passionate community group. Funds raised are used for player and coach development programs, player recognition and equipment.

To find out more, contact the Club President. Donations are made possible through the registration process.

Coaches and Managers

As a community group we thank our dedicated team managers and coaches who support each team.

We also encourage our students from Year 8 onwards to coach a junior team, giving them a fantastic way to develop leadership and mentoring skills. It also gives our younger players a wonderful role model within their own community. We also welcome alumnae as coaches, giving them an ideal way to stay connected with and give back to the School.

To find out more, contact the Club President or nominate through the registration process.

Child Safety

Sacre Coeur promotes the safety, wellbeing and inclusion of all children.

All students enrolled at Sacré Cœur have the right to feel safe and to be safe. The wellbeing of children in our care will always be our first priority and we do not and will not tolerate child abuse. We aim to create a child-safe and child-friendly environment where children are free to enjoy life to the full without any concern for their safety. There is particular attention paid to the most vulnerable children, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds, and children with a disability.

Child Safety Officer

Sacré Cœur’s Child Safety Policy demonstrates the School’s commitment to the Victorian Child Safe Standards as set out in Ministerial Order No. 870.

The Child Safe Standards requires schools to plan, implement and review strategies that will embed a culture of child safety, in conjunction with the Principal, the Leadership Team and the Child Safety Officer (Director of Risk and Compliance) who play an essential role in ensuring that Sacré Cœur is a child safe school.  The Child Safety Officer (Director of Risk and Compliance) leads the School’s Child Safety Culture by providing support, advice, training, monitoring, communicating and implementing Child Safety processes.