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VCE Results

Class of 2023 VCE results

Highlights from Sacré Cœur’s VCE results in 2023
• Median ATAR – 91.18
• Dux ATAR – 99.8
• 10.2% achieved an ATAR greater than 99
• 13.6% achieved an ATAR greater than 98
• 21.6% achieved an ATAR greater than 97
• 28.4% achieved an ATAR greater than 96
• 27% study scores over 40
• Median study score of 36
• Seven perfect study scores of 50 (achieved by 5 students) in Biology, Global Politics, Business Management, P.E, Australian History and English.

From our Principal

Congratulations to the Class of 2023

The Sacré Cœur community is immensely proud of the Year 12 Class of 2023 whose collective efforts have been outstanding. We extend our congratulations to each of our VCE students, including our Year 11 students who undertook the study of a Unit 3/4 subject.

Throughout the year, our students immersed themselves fully and joyfully in all aspects of school life at Sacré Cœur. The attitude of our VCE students also permeated their diligent approach to their studies, which saw them remain focused and steadfast. With the firm support of their families along with that of their exemplary teachers, our students worked resolutely and with a shared purpose to realise their potential.

Striving for excellence takes on countless forms at Sacré Cœur and our students are to be commended for their strength, courage and tenacity; many achieved at a level greater than their original hopes and expectations. This success and standard of excellence would not be possible without the cultivation of a love of learning imparted by teachers of the highest calibre; I thank all our staff for their staunch commitment, expert guidance and passion.

With pride, we recognise the achievements of the Class of 2023 and extend our very best wishes to each of our students. I am confident they will undertake future endeavours intrepidly and with a strong sense of self and other, developed through their education at Sacré Cœur — an education through which the mind and heart are equally nurtured, where each student is supported to grow so that she is prepared to meet her future.

Adelina Melia-Douvos

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